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Delivering data-driven decisions with delicious results

Specialized Consulting Team

Based in Austin, Texas, but operating nationwide, Incognito is a team of expert business consultants with a long history of revenue and reputation management success. Having delivered outstanding results to Fortune 500 companies for over a decade, we are tailoring our expertise to the specific demands of the Food and Beverage industry.

Plan for Daily Success

While a bar or restaurant may be packed on Fridays and Saturdays, we strategically optimize its success for every day of the week. By tailoring data-driven strategies to your particular establishment, we maximize your revenue, giving your business the best chance to succeed in what is unquestionably a difficult sector to navigate.

It’s more than just about money

While increased revenue is a big plus, to say the least, our strategies help everyone involved in your business. With bar and restaurant staff making a majority of their income from tips, our insights not only increase your business revenue but also boost the amount your staff receives in gratuities. While this results in happier staff delivering better customer service, it also means your staff are more likely to stay at your establishment for longer.

By increasing your employee retention rates, Incognito saves you significant amounts of time and money finding replacement staff and training them. Ok, so maybe this is about money, after all—but you get the point.

Ok, this next bit isn’t about the money

we are here to help

It’s a fair assessment that most establishments don’t have a dedicated person or team concentrating on maximizing their revenue—and hence, their chances of success. While great service and tasty food make a big difference to the longevity of a business in the sector, understanding how revenues can be managed to optimize income at all times is a fundamental tool in ensuring long-term success. It’s also a discipline that requires specialist knowledge.

That’s what webring. By applying our expertise, we help budding young business people realize their dreams. That might sound a little ‘Hollywood’ but it also happens to be true.

At Incognito, we’re concerned by the worrying high failure rates present in the food and beverage industry. With so many entrepreneurs pouring their heart and soul into wonderful new local bars and restaurants, we hate to see them run into trouble when we know we can help.

There—told you it wasn’t all about the money.

Partner with Incognito

If you own a business in the food and beverage sector, get in touch with us and discover for yourself what a difference data-driven strategies can make to the success of your establishment.