A new dimension in restaurant and bar profitability

At Incognito, we aim to enhance the financial performance, security, and future prospects of businesses in the food and beverage sector. Our data-driven strategies fall into two distinct areas of service.

Revenue Management

Reputation Management

  • Revenue Management

    Revenue management is a financial strategy that has been successfully applied to numerous industries, including the hotel and airline sectors, for over 60 years. A process involving the strategic management of pricing, inventory, and customer demand, it’s a strategy built on in-depth data analysis
    • The team at Incognito has been successfully delivering revenue management to Fortune 500 companies for over a decade. Applying our skills to the food and beverage industry, we are bringing a new dimension of financial performance to the businesses that operate in the sector.
    • By analyzing a wide number of data points—from peak hours and seasonal trends to customer demand—we optimize your pricing structure to ensure that you are making the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

    data that works for you

    This is especially important in a sector where profit margins tend to be slim—somewhere between 3-5%. If your establishment is bringing in a million dollars annually, that only equates to a profit of between $30,000 and $50,000. Considering the vast majority of degree-qualified pay upwards of $60,000 or $70,000, food and beverage businesses are high-risk ventures that offer relatively small returns.

    Making the most of every financial opportunity is, therefore, critical to businesses operating in this sector. Although many businesses in the industry have instigated surcharges and automatic gratuities in recent years, these measures have proven to be highly unpopular with customers.

    Customized strategy

    At Incognito, we apply a different approach—a demand-based strategy that adjusts your pricing to meet the peaks and valleys in customer demand across different timeframes.

    By turning your establishment into a flexible, responsive, demand-driven business, we make sure that you are maximizing every revenue opportunity that comes your way, every day of the week.

    Incognito won’t simply help your business survive, it will help it thrive.

  • Reputation Management

    Our expert team monitors online reviews across various platforms, responding strategically to feedback, and using data analysis to enhance the overall customer experience. When it comes to building a strong online presence, gaining good reviews is only the beginning—at Incognito, we build a narrative around your brand that resonates with your target audience.

    Given the increasing importance of the online space, managing your reviews and online profile is fundamental to a healthy, growing brand reputation. With customer perception of your business central to your success, Incognito’s reputation management services ensure that perception is positive.

    we get the results you want

    Our online reputation management solutions ensure that your brand remains strong, resilient, and customer-focused. Leveraging data insights to guide every step of our strategy, we make the most incisive and best-informed decisions to heighten your online profile.

    At Incognito, we build brands that people talk about—and for all the right reasons.To find out more about our revenue and reputation management services and learn how they can help your business boost financial and online performance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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